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The following brands have vegetarian and/or vegan products.

Adrienne's Papadini Lentil Pasta, Courtney's, Lavosh-Hawaii, Appeteasers
Black Jewell Popcorn all vegetarian but some contain butter
Casabe Crackers (Fortitude Brands) all crackers
Cemac Foods Nu Tofu Soy Cheese, Ogran Pasta... Unbelievable Cheesecake all vegetarian
Chebe (Prima Provisions) Chebe bread mix vegetarian but not vegan, contains non-fat dry milk
Cold Mountain Miso (Miyako) vegetarian & vegan
Dolphin Natural Chocolates vegetarian & vegan
Fabe's all vegetarian but some products contain eggs & butter
Glendale all vegetarian & vegan
Grandpa Po's all vegetarian, all vegan except slightly sweet which contains honey
Harvest Bay all vegetarian & vegan
Hol-Grain (Conrad Rice Mill) all products vegetarian & vegan
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables all sea vegetable products & crunch bars
Marin vegetarian & vegan
Mayacama's most are vegetarian, except for hollandaise & creamy clam soup... most are
Mad Meals all vegetarian & vegan
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables all vegetarian & vegan
Nature's Hilights all products vegetarian & vegan
Organic Gourmet (Scenario Int'l) all vegetarian & vegan
Pastariso, Pastato all vegetarian & vegan
People Pops (Golden Apple Candy) all vegetarian & vegan
Perky's all vegetarian
Poiret all vegetarian & vegan
Road's End Organics all products vegan
Sno Pac all vegetarian & vegan
Sunergia all "more than tofu"
Sunshine Burgers all products vegetarian & vegan Taste Adventure all products
Taverna Classic all products vegetarian but not vegan, contains cheese
Tofutti all vegetarian, all vegan except for egg watchers
Vermont Gold all vegetarian
Vermont Sweetwater all vegetarian & vegan
Leila's (Damascus Bakery) all vegetarian

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