October 2007 News

UNFI buys financially distressed Millbrook, Will make more specialty sku's available to natural foods & chains.
Successful meeting at Giant-Carlisle, Tops sold by Ahold to private equity firm; meeting at Garden Spot; WF Cranston opens

September 2007 News

Expo East Show very successful; Many Valk reps stayed at 1840's Carrollton Inn arranged by Brenda..
Road's End sale to Edward & Sons announced; NY Ravioli & Pasta comes on board; Shaw's meetings held

August 2007 News

Wegman's Holiday Show very successful.. UNFI Sarasota warehouse opens.. WF Coral Gables opens
A&P and White Rose sales calls..; Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn on board

July 2007 News

Kehe does Shaw's frozen distribution; previously does refrigerated & groceery sales; Valk does additional Wakefern & Foodtown calls
Annette does WF South Tofutti demos, Andy expands sales coverage further into Long Island; Naturally Clean works with Dave Powers & Whole Foods N-A

June 2007 News

Agnes Very Very & Tree Huggin' Treats onboard with Matthew Koch as Valk product manager
Chappaqua Crunch new Valk vendor, Ukrop's opens up new Roanoke, VA store; Jon Kessler expanding VA & Carolina coverage.

May 2007 News

OTA show at Chicago; UNFI unveils its packer label vendor purchases.. Excellent Wegman's rep show, gluten free speaker
Hannaford meetings with Dick Flynn & Art Ledue and other personnel, UNFI Foxwoods show 10 Valk tables

April 2007 News

Trips to Baltimore/Washington and Rochester, NY.. Excellent broker meetings at Wegman's
Annette has WF South regional meeting; Brenda follow-up on Publix meeting in Lakeland, FL

March 2007 News

Whole Foods announces intent to buy Wild Oats, Mrs. Greens sold, Expo West show
Trips to Ukrop's in Richmond and Shaw's in W. Bridgewater MA for 2nd Half review, Publix in FL

February 2007 News

Cherron Perry-Thomas now with Valk for some Philadelphia accounts, Whole Foods & Wegman's audits
Cherron makes call to Wegman's while I flew to Portland, ME for Hannaford's, also Stop & Shop 2nd Half review

January 2007 News

Maria Ruisi, new Stop & Shop natural buyer, Roger Perrett new Whole Foods N-A grocery buyer

December 2006 News

our best year ever, 36% revenue increase, adds Dennis Farms as new vendor

November 2006 News

adds Omega Seafood Burger varieties

October 2006 News

Expo East Show and trip to NC, Matt's Cookies new vendor; Valk surpasses best ever full year sales already!

September 2006 News

Divine Foods new valk vendor; My Organic Market corporate call, store opening its 4th store in greater D.C. market

August 2006 News

People Pops (Golden Apples) new valk vendor; trip to Stop & Shop and Dave's Marketplace

July 2006 News

Valk adds Zambezi Honey as new vendor, in a few months in Associated Buyers, Garden Spot, Regional Access

June 2006 News

trip to Whole Foods Fair Share Meeting in Austin, TX

May 2006 News

OTA show & UNFI Foxwoods shows.. trips to IL, CT, and FL

April 2006 News

trips to Baltimore, Boston, and S. Florida, new sales records for Valk

March 2006 News

Ogran Foods comes on board for the NE, we are largest gluten-free broker. Pita Snax comes on board for all regions.
Gillian Foods, gluten free frozen, comes on board for SE region; Raw Revolution selling well & gaining market share
Shaw's 2nd Half 06 reviews; Expo West show meetings; Wild Oats shares 50% higher over 3 mo. but down over 5 years

February 2006 News

Stop & Shop new frozen meetings, 2nd Half 06 review meetings, Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic meetings
Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels & Comfy Cuisine are the newest Valk Enterprises vendors
Add a new Sony laptop which is small enough to hold in one hand; easy for store audits

January 2006 News

Added Andy Feldman for store audits & sales work in metro NY; Albertson's sells Shaw's & Acme to Super-Valu.
SunGold Foods comes on board; Stop & Shop merchandising/audit review meeting; natural moves to grocery from deli.

December 2005 News

Whole Foods shares increase in value, split & the company is added to the S&P 500
Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels & Mimi's Gourmet are the newest Valk Enterprises vendors
Add a new Sony laptop which is small enough to hold in one hand; easy for store audits

November 2005 News

Leland Cherry Company is new Valk Enterprises vendor; in Tree of Life East
All my store orders are now done with laptop right in the store; also update audit paperwork

October 2005 News

Audrey Rochester Inc. resumes production; Valk vendors survive hurricanes Katrina & Rita
All my store orders are now done with laptop right in the store; also update audit paperwork

September 2005 News

Successful trips to South Florida (hire Charles Clements for regional sales), Stop & Shop
Expo East Show, Valk rep & vendor meetings

August 2005 News

meet with Carl Cole in VA & continue south to Earth Fare Raleigh set & store visits
Whole Foods has 65 stores in development, up to 65% of existing store space; chain has 15.2% increase in same store comps
locally it announces Tri-State metro NY region formation this winter; in contrast Wild Oats has 5.4% same store comps

July 2005 News

We attend Fancy Foods Show in NYC; meet with several current & prospective vendors there
Heading to New England for Shaw's Dairy meeting; Annette meets with Gary Morris, Taste Adventure
Carl Cole adds E. NC to his territory

June 2005 News

Tree continues its consolidation merging Gourmet Award into Tree of Life, 3 regional offices
St. Augustine, Dallas, and Bloomington.. 14 regional warehouses and support centers including N. Bergen NJ
Earth Fare opens its Chapel Hill store; Earth Fare Raleigh scheduled to open in August 05
Valk adds Better'n Peanut Butter & Palapa Azul. sales calls Giant-Carlisle & Stauffer's Kissel Hill.

May 2005 News

did OTA show in Chicago & UNFI Show in Foxwoods. brought on Raw Indulgence; Dustin sees more stores
we are focussing more on raw and gluten free sku's. also brought on SOJO seafood cakes
Frank Ceccacci now with UNFI after 25 years service with Tree of Life.

April 2005 News

brought on Bite Blocker Mosquito Repellant.. great product which is doing well through UNFI
completed Stop & Shop 2nd Half promotions & started to work with Know Fat, new retailer
severed relationship with Mary's Gone Crackers as the vendor stubbornly would not do what was needed
unfortunately Dale was not willing to work with either UNFI or Tree costing his firm and ours thousands
Tree NE stops doing consumer flyers as unprofitable; UNFI expands its consumer and custom flyer participation.

March 2005 News

successful Expo West show... also did Shaw's meetings and Stop & Shop new item meetings.
Howard & Sheila both have added new stores for Valk; Anne Marie leaves Valk to work with Whole Foods.

February 2005 News

added Fred's Incredibles as a new Valk vendor; more New England trips. Hannaford trip bears fruit with
new sku's and new vendors.. Tofutti, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, and Marin all get into sets
UNFI completes Select Nutrition purchase; Bob Sperling moves over to run division

January 2005 News

successful meeting with Hannaford in ME; Brenda Fisher will oversee Sweet Bay/Kash'N Karry account
successful sales trip to Associated Buyers in NH and key retail accounts which I am turning over to Dave Powers
Sheila Augustine comes on board for E. NC to strengthen Whole Foods South Region coverage..
Tree NE & SE announce consolidation plan to reorganize as Tree of Life East. billing will be through corporate

December 2004 News

Tree SE reorganizes combining Gourmet Award SE and Mid-Atlantic Divisions at St. Augustine; Shawn Sweeney leaves Tree NE
UNFI restructures purchasing. buys for MW distribution center now.. African Red Tea Imports new Valk vendor..

November 2004 News

Valk adds Dustin Ziegler for CT; splitting territory with George Lake
new Valk vendor: Sol Cuisine... Meeting with Tracy Coon, Tree NE frozen buyer..

October 2004 News

Valk adds Audrey Rochester, Inc, Pacific Bakery, and Real Salt prior to Expo East Show
Good meeting vendors and reps at Expo East Show... added George Lake for CT territory..

September 2004 News

Business improves; Howard Witrock hired for NJ/PA territory, Tree NE Show takes place

August 2004 News

Summer is very slow particularly Florida and Georgia. Tree SE show cancelled. Reps prepare for the fall.

July 2004 News

Rene' Zeller has come on board as Valk admin. assistant. sales paperwork, computer,inside sales
Shaw's:Linda Hilliard & Matt Silverstein have come on board replacing Bob Nasella & Nuno Melo

June 2004 News

Carbsense & Onai new Valk vendors, Attending Fancy Food Show NYC

May 2004 News

Organic Trade Association Show in Chicago 8 Valk vendors, also FMI/Fancy Food show.

Attended Gluten Free Show in Baltimore... Eat Your Heart Out! new valk vendor

April 2004 News

Dolphin Chocolates expanded to NE Region.

Taverna expansion with Stop & Shop. Chain changes its paperwork to comply with accounting regs

March 2004 News

Expo West meetings excellent with vendors, Brenda and Annette.

Successful trip to Baltimore/Washington.

February 2004 News

Meetings with Shaw's and Stop & Shop as well as independents.. New England trip.

Getting ready for trip to Expo West. Brenda, Annette, Carl, Matthew, & David attending. Need to contact us. go to reps page and send us an email.

January 2004 News

UNFI East order forms are now on website. Stow & Corn order forms also refer to UNFI. If you need the older, obsolete item #'s, ask our rep or email me.

In our "links" section, we now have an accounts page with a searchable link by zip code. Thank you, Matthew.. this is going to be helpful to vendors and reps alike. Any additions or corrections, please let us know.

New vendors: Grandy's Oats, Air Therapy (Mia Rose)...

Meetings with Whole Foods Florida and our Baltimore/Washington stores.

December 2003 News

2003 Valk total sales are a new record! 19% sales increase over previous year.

SOHO Show... Carl, Caron, and David attend. also visit retailers in C & SE Florida

Olivia's Croutons a new Valk vendor.

November 2003 News

UNFI introduces its corporate item #'s to the trade. Effective, January 1, 2004 UNFI will publish 1 book for all 4 east coast distribution centers. This is very exciting news as one set of item #'s means that UNFI operationally becomes one distributor. We have put the UNFI East order form on the website & reps will convert item #'s. In a few months we will delete the UNFI CHE/NOX (Stow) & UNFI DAY/ATL (Corn) order forms from the website

Tree SE: Brenda goes wireless with laptop; has category mgr. meeting with Susan Stratton

Tree NE: have effective category manager meetings with Brian Downey & Shawn Sweeney

Valk Enterprises reps Oskri Organics, Kay's Naturals, and Deliciously Slim, all new

October 2003 News

10/28/03 extremely successful trip to Baltimore/Washington. The Natural opens in new location, process My Organic Market orders in the computer at the store

Boston Veggie Show successful for MCSV and Road's End; Maureen does show and arranges a successful Tofutti Pints demo at Shaw's Auburndale store

10/10/03 Whole Foods South Regional Show, also trip to Gastonia NC & Columbia SC

10/01/03 meet with Bob Nasella, Shaw's Supermarkets

10/01/03 meet with Maureen Flynn & Dave Powers, Valk New England reps

September 2003 News

9/29/03 meet with Christine Davitt, Stop & Shop in Massachussetts

9/22/03 fly to S. Florida to see Whole Foods & to work with Caron Caplan-Attardi

9/21/03 Tree NE distributor show

9/2/03 leaving for Expo East Show in Washington D.C. Valk Enterprises is meeting with vendors Saturday morning 9/6/03 at the Marriott

August 2003 News

8/7/03 flying to Jacksonville for the Tree SE show.. Valk Enterprises vendors participate strongly with this show.

July 2003 News

7/20/03 Annette Kramer's sales in Greater Atlanta highest ever. 900+ cases

7/15/03 meet with Joe Stroh & Brian Downey at Tree NE; Tree NE initiating category manager buying.. Karen Lewis has successful Healthy Times meeting. 7/10/03 Valk Enterprises hires Maureen Flynn to assist with the Greater Boston market and Whole Foods

7/01/03 First Half 2003 Sales Best Ever

June 2003 News

6/16/03 Earth Fare to expand to 16 stores over the next 2 years.. plans to build 8 more stores, Mt. Pleasant SC in September; Knoxville, TN next spring

6/16/03 Northeast Cooperatives (UNFI Northeast) closes its doors & merges with an expanded UNFI Chesterfield.. over 200 NEC employees hired; accounting staff from Keene moved, major activity, 300,000+ sq. ft. warehouse

6/12/03 met with Christine Davitt with Stop & Shop.. initially for Fabe's & Cold Mountain Miso.. also developed Tofutti further and added Road's End sku's.. very successful meeting

6/3/03 met with Art Adamsen & Eleanor Harris for Wegman's.. secured several advertising & promotional vehicles for vendors

May 2003 News

5/06/03 met with Frank Scalzo, Tesoro's & visited stores in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. wrote 1785 "valk cases", our highest total!

5/12/03 Brenda has highly successful week in SW FL opening up new stores for Valk Enterprises, Richard's agrees to order with UNFI, too!

5/16/03 Sindy Filippone starts working with Valk Enterprises NJ/E PA

5/21/03 meeting with Bob Nasella at Shaws

5/22/03 meeting with Debbie Eddy at UNFI for UNFI national flyers

April 2003 News

4/08/03 meeting with Christine Davitt at Stop & Shop meeting with Alana Pilcher at UNFI

4/09/03 Karen has Healthy Times meeting at Tree SE

4/23/03 meeting with Brent King at Whole Foods Florida

March 2003 News

Brenda in SE gets new laptop.... great for travel & paperwork on the road

Brenda & David attend Expo West show. Tofutti kind enough to get Brenda a room at the Hilton. Excellent show with lots more retailers this year.

Valk Enterprises hires 2 new reps: Carl Cole for VA, E. NC, SC, parts of GA Annette Kramer for Atlanta GA & vicinity really strengthens our s.e. coverage, am very excited to get them up & running in April 2003

New Vendors for Valk Enterprises: Pastariso & Pastato... continuing with gluten-free products... Dolphin Natural Chocolates for the SE

Major Emphasis on gluten-free products, Stop & Shop requests vendor update; Tree NE asks us to fill-out gluten-free, kosher, vegan info on all products.

Sales Trips Info: Excellent Trip to NC.. visited with Earth Fare (setting up 2nd Half 2003 promotions with Melisa Watson, more vendor paperwork needed) , French Broad Co-op, Talley's in NC! updated Patti's paperwork for this area.

Excellent Sales Trip to Baltimore/Washington! Wrote over 1500 valk cases, most ever!!! Visited David's new store in Gambrill, MD

Working with Matthew @ Road's End on Valk Sales website... lots of order forms, industry info, links, etc.

Lois Quigley is getting started with N. Philadelphia/S. NJ territory.. need to install software on her computer

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